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19 April 2010 @ 09:00 pm

TO: Carl Fredrickson
FROM: Ellie Fredrickson
DATE: May 23, 2009

(Dear Carl,)

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23 February 2010 @ 10:39 am
Hi guys!!

I really want to re-vamp this community and really get it back on it feet. I loved the concept when I first created it as graduatehorror, but I never put the effort into it I should have been. This time I will though, but I'd like your guy's help with whatever you have. A new layout? Suggestions? Maybe even an offer for a co-mod or two might be nice.

I'm going to spend today trying to fix it up a little, redo the rules, and pimp it out like a mother fucker. Lmfao, so help me?

22 May 2009 @ 02:08 am

Title:  CH. 14 Liver
Rating: PG (for brief swearing)
Author: facebookstalker 
Pairing: (slight) Ryan/Brendon
Summary: Brendon passing notes to Ryan during Biology class. Possibly Brendon making fun for the sake of making fun or he is making a reference to something that happened with a girl in their class recently with Ryan. Which Ryan is embarrassed about. Not very slashy.
Disclaimer: I do not own Ryan or Brendon, and they certainly did not write this. Though really nothing very incrimminating here.
Author Notes: I got the idea for this sadly lol from a moment in Family Guy where the teacher passes a note to a student and it says basically what "Brendon" has written down here. I was going to continue the note and make it a lot longer and fill it with random flirty-stupid comments from Brendon and Ryan going "wtf" but I thought the shorter the better? I will try a longer one next time if anyone likes this. Sorry it's really lame.

ps.the other side of the note.
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22 May 2009 @ 12:41 am

Title:  Passive-Aggressive bitch
Rating: G

Pairing: one-sided Jon/Spencer
Summary: Basically Spencer leaves a passive-agressive note to Jon about how dirty the sink was after he shaved. And Jon later does some personal corrections/touches to the letter for himself or possibly to leave out for Spencer to see as a joke.
Disclaimer: I do not own Spencer or Jon, and this is most definitely all very-very fake. Especially the horrid signature.
Author Notes: I got the idea from the free pads of paper that you get from the hotel. I figured that the band probably would have nicked some of the ones they had from touring to use at the cabin/home and shit.

ps. I also did try to make the hand writing both look different... but I failed epically when the pen touched the paper when I was doing Jon's corrections :( 




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